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Before getting started, plan a date, and make a plan Whilst it may be tempting to clean your fridge one shelf, or one drawer at a time, we recommend doing it all at once. By doing it all at once, you’re less likely to procrastinate as you won’t’ want the food in your fridge to go off while you’re cleaning it. We recommend cleaning your fridge before a major shop. Doing so means your fridge will be at its emptiest. Plus, you will know exactly what you need before you do your grocery shopping. It makes preparing a shopping list easier. You will also be able to ensure all your new shopping ends up in a fridge that is clean and odour free. Cleaning your fridge requires you to take everything out of the fridge. To avoid your food spoiling I would recommend preparing an esky with ice to store your food in whilst you are cleaning the fridge. Check everything as you remove it. If food is out of date, then dispose of it. If not, put it in the esky until you have finished cleaning.

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